Composite featherweight poles


Will there be a revolution in telecommunications networks built in the suspended system?

Ultra light, durable and increasing passive safety. 

Teletechnical poles made of polymer composite. 

A modern solution for telecommunications networks

What is composite?

The polymer composite is a combination of polyester resins, glass fabrics and glass mats, combined to obtain a material with high strength parameters, suitable for the production of telecommunications poles.

of composite poles


the weight of a composite pole is even more than twenty times lower than the weight of analogous columns made in reinforced concrete technology


do not generate disturbances in radio frequency, microwaves, radars and others

No operating costs

they do not corrode, no renovation required

Lower assembly costs

no need to use heavy construction equipment, assembly and disassembly without a crane, reduction in the number of people needed to set up the pole

Low transport costs

the only limit is the capacity of the means of transport, not the weight of the poles

Long service life

over 40 years, 10-year warranty

No problems with disposal

the manufacturer ensures the utilization of products at his own expense

Can be delivered to difficult terrain

possibility of manual transport due to the low weight

Empty inside

the cable can be run inside the structure

Resistant to weather conditions present in Poland

resistant to winds, road salt, UV radiation

PN EN 12767 certificate

can be used on a road lane without additional barriers and safeguards

Appearance customization

possibility of applying any print on the pole

Do you know that ...

15 kg!

The weight of a 7m 
composite teletechnical pole
(0.7 kN apical force)

120 kg

The weight of a 7m 
wooden teletechnical pole.

360 kg

The weight of a 7m
teletechnical reinforced concrete pole.


The poles exhibit high passive safety, they slightly absorb energy in the case of a collision, so after a collision the vehicle continues to drive at a reduced speed. As research has shown, the value of the safety critical ASI index (acceleration intensity index), in accordance with PN-EN 1317, is up to five times lower than the value at which the effects of a collision are dangerous or fatal for people in the vehicle.


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